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Advocacy Days engage clinicians, families and pediatric residents

The Hot Topics in Neonatology: Cindy Pellegrini Maternal & Child Health Advocacy Event, co-hosted by Nemours Children’s Health, March of Dimes and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, featured a discussion on the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2021 and the Maternal Health Quality Improvement Act. Afterward, 85 participants, representing 21 states, met with congressional leaders to implore their action to support better health outcomes for mothers and children. The virtual event honored Cindy Pellegrini who passed away in 2019, leaving behind a legacy as a tireless advocate for maternal and child health.

Advocacy Days

“As pediatricians we have the privilege to advocate for our most vulnerable patients and families. We see firsthand how social determinants of health affect maternal and child health and can provide a unique lens to legislative representatives. It is our duty as pediatricians to share patient stories, to advocate for change, and to work together to build brighter futures for our children.” 

Dr. Dana Neumann, DO, Chief Pediatric Resident
Thomas Jefferson University, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware

More than 20 policy-related briefs, white papers and presentations were delivered by Nemours Children’s National Office of Policy & Prevention in 2021