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Well Beyond Medicine

Annual Progress Report

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Experience and explore the progress we’re making to change children’s health for good.

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A Message from Dr. Moss

Addressing Whole Child Health

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We are supporting innovative prevention and population health strategies and pediatric health system transformation within our own health system and nationally.

Leveraging Clinical Excellence


Nemours Children’s Health, Delaware Valley recognized with Magnet® status three times in a row — an achievement accomplished by only four percent of U.S. hospitals.

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years of excellence in caring for children with pediatric cancer and blood disorders

Enhancing Reputation & Impact

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We are leveraging our system’s expertise and innovative practices to achieve specific national policy and practice changes that have the potential to positively impact millions of children and families across the country.

Designing Value-Based Models

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We are advocating for and exemplifying the actions that create health while working with payors and policymakers to influence how health is valued, incentivized and compensated.

Growing Academic Preeminence


fellows, residents, medical students, nursing residents, and allied health learners


total funded research studies and clinical trials


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Through education, research and recruitment, we are continuing to evolve as a learning health system, achieving new milestones in grant submissions, presentations and federal awards.

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Advancing Equity For All

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We know that providing exceptional care alone is not enough to achieve our bold vision. To truly transform children’s health, we are working to eliminate the disparities that result in unjust health outcomes across patient groups.

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