In this year’s Annual Report, we share the work Nemours is doing to help build a better U.S. health care system — starting with the nation’s youngest patients.

Strategic investments toward the well-being of children yield massive returns for future generations. To achieve maximum impact, all stakeholders of children’s well-being must work together.

At Nemours, that means we extend our health expertise and partner with other professionals in areas such as education, food security, housing, justice, adverse childhood experiences, and other social determinants, to develop models that address the whole health of a child. Nemours’ journey to a better health system begins with the future in mind.

Built upon a solid foundation, our investments support the connections that enable the exploration of healthier possibilities for us all. As Nemours navigates the future of health, be assured — we are built for impact.

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Dear friends,

I am pleased to share the Nemours Children’s Health System 2019 Annual Report, Built For Impact. This year’s report reflects the continuous investment in people, technology and processes driving Nemours’ ability to help each child reach his or her full potential.

As I pen this greeting, the COVID-19 pandemic has seized our global community — bringing tragedy to many and forcing change upon nearly every facet of our lives. While the U.S. health care system has been teetering on the edge of change for decades, our new reality could provide the shove necessary for its full transformation.

Nemours embraces that change. In fact, Nemours has been “under construction” for years — expanding the definition of health, creating new pathways to improve health outcomes, and embracing new frontiers in medicine and modality. In the pages that follow, you’ll learn how Nemours is:

  • developing a pediatric value-based model of care addressing all factors that influence health;
  • building an analytic infrastructure to mine data for insights that can change the trajectory of pediatric diseases;
  • facilitating a culture of continuous improvement, constantly striving for excellence and transparency;
  • empowering families to navigate their child’s health through access to care, information and support delivered where, when and how they want it; and
  • preparing future health professionals with the tools and skills they need as advocates and providers to navigate the future of health.

To Nemours’ esteemed associates, partners, volunteers and donors, I hope you are filled with pride knowing the critical roles you play in service to nearly 500,000 children in our care. For anyone interested in joining Nemours’ pursuit to deliver the healthiest generation of America’s children, I encourage you to connect with our health system.

Nemours’ journey to create a better system began with the future in mind — that future is now upon us. We stand at the threshold of a transformational opportunity for our children and for our country. Over the last year, the foundation supporting Nemours’ efforts has been exposed — we are built for impact.

Your child. Our promise.

Dr. Moss

R. Lawrence Moss, MD
President & Chief Executive Officer
Nemours Children’s Health System