Future Forward
Future Forward

To be a leader in children’s health brings with it a responsibility to guide all who care for children forward in meaningful and impactful ways. Health care is experiencing dynamic evolution and Nemours is leveraging disruption in health care models, delivery and technology to continuously improve the quality of life for all children — ultimately, creating a healthier future for whole communities. The way forward for our nation and our world is through the health of children. Knowing this and possessing the tools and resources to effect positive change means we cannot delay. The sense of urgency has never been greater: the future is now. Nemours must bring the future forward.


Dr. R. Lawrence Moss

Dear friends and partners of Nemours,

I am pleased to share with you Future Forward, the Nemours Annual Report to our communities and beyond. This year’s report shares highlights of our health system’s journey during 2018 and the ever-evolving work we’re doing to help each child reach his or her full potential.

I joined the organization in October 2018 because I was deeply inspired by Nemours’ commitment to being a leader in the overall health and welfare of America’s children. This aligns with my deeply held values that children’s hospitals should be the stewards of children’s health in our society. I believe Nemours is ideally positioned to take the bold steps necessary to lead the way. I could not be more enthusiastic about the power and limitless potential of this outstanding organization.

I have been a doctor caring for children my entire professional life and have grown keenly interested in transforming how we deliver medical care in the United States. Here at Nemours, we are committed to redefining the meaning of child health. We believe medical care is only a part of health and are committed to improving social and societal factors that comprise the health of a child. I believe that this is the most exciting time in history to lead a health system.

We’re starting to have conversations that we’ve needed to have for decades. These are the conversations that will forever alter the future of children’s health. In fact, it was during my first week that Nemours hosted its Pediatric Moneyball Conference in Washington, D.C. — a national meeting of leaders focused on our country’s journey toward a better health care system for our children.

At Nemours, we believe that better health begins by working to align all of the incentives of our nation’s health care system with those of the patient and family. That means working to create a system where health institutions are paid for keeping the child healthy and out of the hospital; working to bring discovery from the bench to the bedside faster than ever; and finding new ways to overcome barriers to better health. It also means doing our part to address the factors that influence 80 percent of a child’s health — nutrition and food security, literacy, optimal education, freedom from poverty, and other adverse childhood experiences.

Indeed, the future is now at Nemours — the future exists within every child with whom we come in contact as well as those who may never enter our doors. Together, each day with each action, we are making a remarkable impact on the health of children. I promise that we will always put the interest of the child first.

Your child. Our promise.

Dr. Moss

R. Lawrence “Larry” Moss, MD
Nemours President & CEO