Community Benefit & Impact

The future starts now.

Our investment in clinical care, research, prevention and education is how we work to fulfill our mission every day.

IN THE U.S., Children account for about 7% of total medical spending but will eventually become 100% of the adult population.

The benefits of improved health in childhood can last a lifetime. Contributions today will lead to:

Improved ADULT Health
improved workforce productivity
reduced health
care-related costs
a strengthened
 u.s. economy
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Since opening our doors, Nemours Children’s Health has invested more than $3.5 billion in delivering a higher standard of care for children.

In addition to providing financial assistance, Nemours Children’s Health also provides other benefits for the community. Examples of these community benefits include the following:

Community health improvement services
focused on leadership and programs dealing with not just healthcare, but also children’s health promotion and disease prevention.

Research services

to improve children’s lives through the power of discovery. Nemours Children’s continues to integrate research findings at the bedside and exam room where they have the greatest impact on children.

Education for healthcare professionals
centered on training the next generation of pediatric specialists as well as supporting continuing medical education.

2023 Total Community Benefit:
$226.6 Million

Total Community Benefit: $226.6 Million

$127.8 Million | Charity Care*

$16.4 Million | Community Health Improvement Services

$4.3 Million | Education for Health
Care Professionals

$42.7 Million | Research

$35.3 Million | Donations

*Includes financial assistance and unreimbursed Medicaid. The cost of net unreimbursed financial assistance provided was determined by applying Nemours Children’s overall patient care cost to chart ratio to total charges. Cost of the other community benefits represents actual expenses incurred net of any related revenue earned for providing such services. The methodology for calculating charity care includes the impact of charity care adjustments based on a post-visit analysis of guarantor income limits.
community volunteer playing with girl

During 2023, 76,224 hours of service were provided by our community volunteers.

In 2023, more than 1,230 community volunteers enhanced our ability to go well beyond medicine in support of children and families in our care. The impact we feel from these selfless volunteers is truly immeasurable. Their service not only helps patients and families, they also support our staff.

Central Florida

  • 362 community volunteers 

  • 23,000 service hours 

  • $731,400 monetary equivalent
  • 19 animal-assisted activities teams

Delaware Valley

  • 780 community volunteers
  • 51,423 service hours
  • $1,635,251 monetary equivalent
  • 36 animal-assisted activities teams

North Florida

  • 91 community volunteers

  • 1,812 service hours
  • $57,363 monetary equivalent
  • 10 animal-assisted activities teams

Nemours Cares

Commitment to 
community begins 
inside our walls.

community volunteers talking to girl

Nemours Cares week — a biannual week of volunteerism — offers associate volunteers a variety of activities and opportunities to support families throughout the communities we serve.

200 pounds of fresh produce distributed to families from The Nemours Estate community gardens

Empowered hundreds of high school students with hands-only CPR training

We collected hundreds of books for our Little Libraries that enable patients to enjoy the art and benefits of reading during campus visits. 

volunteers helping with food

Now in its 11th year, this heartfelt tradition of volunteerism is a clear demonstration of how our associates go well beyond medicine to serve children and families where they live, work and play. During spring and fall, Nemours Children’s associates facilitated two separate Nemours Cares weeks.

Associate volunteers provided 7,434 hours of community service during Nemours Cares week in 2023.

North & Central Florida Nemours Cares Activities

Unfortunately, consistent access to essential supplies, like food and diapers, can be challenging for far too many families. In North and Central Florida, hundreds of associates volunteered their time to serve breakfast and pack thousands of meals, while many more associates donated diapers and essential baby supplies to help families in need throughout our communities. In addition, associates collected hundreds of books for our Little Libraries that enable patients to enjoy the art and benefits of reading during campus visits.

225,370 meals were provided by Florida associates to families in need

Delaware Valley Nemours Cares Activities

Throughout the Delaware Valley, associates dug in to clean up community parks and playgrounds, celebrate and shower expectant moms in need, and prepare boxes of food for distribution to underserved communities. Associate volunteers also assembled care packages containing toiletries and first aid to be distributed to people who are unhoused and underserved. These meaningful activities show why and how Nemours Cares.

17,563 families received necessities including food, baby supplies and clothing