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As long as children are in need of medical care, we’ll be there.

Going well beyond medicine keeps healthy children healthy, prevents illness and ensures that children with complex health needs are cared for in a manner that addresses their unique physical, emotional, social and educational needs. 

Access to Care

Our organization was founded to care for and heal children. Over 80 years, the expansion of our capabilities has evolved the manner in which we accomplish those goals. However, as long as children are in need of medical care — from routine to rare — or there are cures to be discovered, we’ll be there.

1.6 million patient encounters occurred across Nemours Children’s in 2021. Additionally, our enterprise radiology department read more than 300,000 images.

2021 Highlight

Collaborative, Community-based

Even if families live far from a Nemours Children’s location, they can still benefit from our medical experts in their community:

  • Nemours Children’s Telehealth offers scheduled primary care and specialty care visits.
  • Partnerships with nearly two dozen collaborating hospitals extend care into communities and minimize travel time or disruption for families.
  • is available 24/7 for doctor-approved articles, videos and illustrations covering every health topic.

“My daughter has had many health concerns in her four short years of life, and the team at Nemours Children’s has been by our side at all times.”

Anonymous parent comment, 
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