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Community Impact

Invest Today, Transform Tomorrow

Our investment in clinical care, research, prevention and education is how we work to fulfill our mission every day. Children account for only about seven percent of total medical care spending, yet will soon become 100 percent of the adult population. The benefits of improved health in childhood can last a lifetime, and positively impact medical spending when they become adults. It can even impact health and medical care for their children and their children’s children.

Contributions today will lead to improved health, improved workforce productivity and reduced health care-related costs to individuals, companies, governments and communities — strengthening our country and the American economy for years to come.

Since opening our doors, Nemours Children’s Health has invested more than $3.4 billion in delivering a higher standard of care.

During 2021, 55,970 hours of service were provided by our community volunteers.

Community Volunteer Impact

In 2021, nearly 1,000 community volunteers enhanced our ability to go well beyond medicine in support of children and families in our care. The impact we feel from these selfless volunteers is truly immeasurable. Their service not only helps patients and families, it also supports our staff.

Therapy dog comforting child

Delaware Valley

548 community volunteers
40,145 service hours
$1,145,738 monetary equivalent
28 animal-assisted activities teams
631 service hours

Central Florida

262 community volunteers
14,000 service hours
$400,000 monetary equivalent
22 animal-assisted activities teams
728 service hours

North Florida

104 community volunteers
1,827 service hours
$52,157 monetary equivalent
4 animal-assisted activities teams
64 service hours

“The gratitude from patients and families and the staff for the things you do pays you back 1,000 times for the effort you put in. It gives you a feeling of humility being able to serve.”

Susan Flint, Community Volunteer and Auxilian
Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware