Kids playing with bubbles

A Year of Evolution

A bold new vision for children’s health

Our new strategy and brand are intentionally intertwined to express our continuing focus on providing the best medical care while also pivoting to look broadly at the people, places and institutions that must be influenced and reformed to give children healthier lives.

Well Beyond Medicine

In September, Nemours Children’s Health officially launched our new brand reflecting our bold strategy to redefine children’s health. In addition to a new name and logo, we also introduced “Well Beyond Medicine” to express our strategy to go beyond medicine to improve the health of the world in which every child lives. 

As our new tagline, “Well Beyond Medicine” is also a featured section on the redesigned and showcases initiatives reflecting leadership and national collaboration focused on whole-child health.

Logo & Tagline

The Nemours Children’s Health symbol and tagline embody our unique brand of care for kids. As our new brand launched, we began implementation of the visual assets designed to articulate our bold vision. The Nemours Children’s Health signature logo, known as the loop of care, reflects our shared humanity and the tender relationship between child and caregiver. An infinity element, shaped like the letter N, represents perpetual innovation, connections and progress toward impacting future generations. Our tagline, Well Beyond Medicine, supports our vision to create the healthiest generations of children and our purpose to change children’s health for good. 

We mend more than the broken arm
New building signage

New building signage continues to be installed across our nearly 90 locations.

Why did we choose green?

The color green is also part of the symbolism and connotes new beginnings, growth, vitality and everlasting hope.

Unifying our Experience

Along with the new logo and mark, we evolved our name to Nemours Children’s Health, creating a unified brand across our organization. This singular approach to our brand model is foundational for each and every strategic pillar that we’ve defined and will help each of those areas achieve their goals, giving every associate an opportunity to provide a better experience for kids. The use of a single name also reinforces for families, partners and communities that wherever their experience with Nemours Children’s Health takes place it is representative of the Nemours Children’s Health definition of health and quality care.

Samples of Nemours Branding