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Harris Poll Study: Why Kids Worry

People of all ages are exposed to difficult and stressful situations that can impact their mental health and well-being. These experiences often begin in childhood, presenting a unique set of challenges for children at school, at home and at play.

The main worries of kids between the ages of 9-13


What’s Worrying 
America’s Kids?

A national survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Nemours KidsHealth® was designed to help us understand what children worry about most often and at what ages to give parents and caregivers an opportunity to help children develop coping skills to grow into healthy adults.

Teen looking at phone

504 Participants

Aged between 9-13

Permitted by parent or guardian 18+

Conducted online
 January 12-24, 2023

Explore the National Survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Nemours KidsHealth®.

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Survey Results Coincided with 
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