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Addressing whole child health is our priority.

Decades of work in our hospitals, clinics and research labs have prepared us to understand and help address the 80% of child health impacts that occur outside the doctor’s office.

Whole Child Health

Explore all the ways.

Check out the articles below to see four ways we’re addressing whole child health:

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the KIDS Health Act to Address Social Determinants of Health

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Commitment to Address Hunger & Nutrition Highlighted at the White House

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Center for Pediatric Traumatic Stress Celebrates 20 Years

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Youth Mental Health:
A 9-1-1 Moment

How we’re addressing the other 80% of child impacts:

Adverse Experiences
Mental Health

Keys to Improving Children’s Health Nationally

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Pediatric Health System Transformation

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Innovative Prevention & Population Health Strategies

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National Office of Policy & Prevention

Advocacy in Washington, D.C. for Kids Across the U.S.

For the past 15 years, associates within our National Office of Policy & Prevention — a full-time advocacy office in Washington, D.C. — have promoted evidence-based models of care and identified and championed other community models to influence scalable practices and policies across the U.S.