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Leveraging Tech To Identify & Prevent Adverse Health Impacts

At any given moment, the clues to our health are being collected: diagnoses, blood test results, when we last saw a doctor, and if we exercise, sleep through the night, or miss a day of school.

But these days those records can do more than just tell a story about well-being; they can transform the kind of care patients get in real-time and empower them to take control of their health journeys.

Brianna treating her asthma
Graphing on a tablet

How do we harness all that info? And will it hold the key to improving quality of life? Our Data, Analytics & Technology team believes it can and are leveraging data in novel ways through a set of tools integrated within our electronic health record.

8 Ways We’re Putting Data to Work

These critical functions are key to providing “value-based service” — delivering efficient and effective health care early and often to keep communities healthy: